Create a Message Now and Send Later - Automatically!

Record a message and send it to any phone, even your own, anytime in the next year. Record a message with EleTellEm and designate the phone number, date, and time you would like your message to be sent. EleTellEm will send the message automatically using your choice of recorded voice or text message.
Calls and texts are available in all options... Single, Group, One Time and Recurring messages.
Text message recipients must have accepted sender's invitation prior to receiving text messages.

With EleTellEm, the only limit is your imagination!


Never forget again with texts or voice messages you send to yourself.

Loved Ones...

Prompt loved ones to take their medication on time. Text it or voice it!

Clients, Patients and Colleagues...

Send appointment, notifications or deadline messages. Send it as a text message if you wish.


Send a message simultaneously to a group selected from your contact list... text or voice?

• Send EleTellEm to cell or hardline phones
• Import your contact list automatically
• Record a message up to 30 seconds in length
• Save messages and resend over and over
• Cancel the Pending Calls of your choice
• Schedule unlimited number of calls
• Leaves a message on voicemails or answering
• Texting is an option for cell phone numbers.

• Download EleTellEm for $.99 and get 5 Free credits
• Purchase 10 additional credits for $.99
• Purchase 50 additional credits for $4.99
• Purchase 100 additional credits for $9.99

* 1 Credit = 1 voice message or 2 text messages.