1. Can I call overseas?

    No. Only domestic calls can be made at this time.

  2. Can I send to a group?


  3. Can I set up a recurring call?


  4. What if I want to cancel a call?

    Choose "Manage Messages," then select either, "One-Time Messages," or, "Recurring Messages." Choose the "Pending Message" you want to cancel and select "Cancel Message."

  5. How can I help grow EleTellEm?

    The only thing we know of is: Please tell your friend. Hey! Friends, if you're lucky enough to have more than one.

  6. How did EleTellEm come about?

    One of our officers was taking many-many medications a few years ago and had trouble remembering what to take when. One of his sons made a chart for him and it became easier. But... he daydreamed about what an elderly person could do to remember to take meds and... Voilá! What if they could get a phone call? Even from themselves!

  7. What about time zones?

    Calls are scheduled from the time zone in which the phone is registered.

Additional Suggestions

  1. Be certain to SAVE the EleTellEm User Name and Password! (A great place to put this information is in Address Book with EleTellEm as the name).
  2. Enter the EleTellEm phone number (269) 768-2097, in the Address Book. This number can be used to retrieve the last message received. Entering EleTellEm in the Address Book will also identify EleTellEm calls that you are receiving as, "EleTellEm."
  3. EleTellEm is automatically identified on landline phones with caller ID.

SMS (texting) with EleTellEm:

  1. In order to receive SMS messages, the intended recipient must first (just once) have accepted your invitation to do so.
  2. Invitations can be sent by SMS or Email.
  3. Every recipient must have accepted an invitation from each sender they desire to receive an SMS from.
  4. Add the sender's SMS number to their place in your Address Book and when they send their SMS they will be identified.

Help your invitees identify you following these instructions:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap "Invite SMS Recipients."
  2. Choose, "Send Invitation By Email," or, "Send Invitation By SMS."
  3. Enter contact information of recipient.
  4. Within the pre-loaded message in the text or email field, insert a message from yourself so that the recipient will be able to identify you.
  5. After entering your message, choose "Send."

To view your verified "SMS Recipient List," do the following:

  1. Choose "Contacts" from the bottom of the Home Screen.
  2. Tap "Manage SMS Recipients," to view list.
  1. From the Home Screen, tap "Send an SMS."
  2. Tap, "Message A Group."
  3. Tap, "Manage SMS Recipients," and view list.